February 5, 2018

You Are The Ref Testimonial

YATR launched during the 2014 World Cup as an independent media platform to promote quality refereeing in soccer. It was established by Jock Waugh (former Championship ref) and Keith Hackett (former Premiership ref and general manager of the Professional Game Match Officials Board which regulates and referees in the UK) and also licences the art work of Paul Trevillion who created the original You Are The Ref conundrums in ‘Shoot’ magazine in the 1970’s.

The site features sections such as ‘Refcam’ – which manages

is liveblog of Premiership match from a ref’s position, ‘Refshow’ which is a panel show reviewing Premiership refereeing and ‘Hackett’s Verdict’ which is a weekly blog by Keith Hackett.

Having built a regular audience of refs, supporters, clubs and media, Ingenuity was retained to help develop a revenue model and investment strategy.

Revenue was to come from elearning – offering relevant courses to referees but also to other fans of the site, but how was that to be achieved?

Ingenuity conducted extensive market research on the elearning market and how YATR could offer education through its platform. With the management team, Ingenuity shortlisted three potential partners to provide the relevant platforms and accreditation for the courses, and attended partnership meetings as part of the YATR team.

We worked with YATR management to develop a full ‘Go To Market’ strategy to build membership, specifically in US/Canada/South America and China.

Ingenuity also worked with YATR to provide an ‘Investment Ready’ plan for use if they decided to bring in additional funding.

The first segment of the elearning is now live – called The Academy – it is scenario based learning for refs with 200 interactive scenarios to test their knowledge and improve their skills.

Ingenuity now works with the YATR team to help coordinate the marketing strategy specifically around customer acquisition and retention.