Strategic use of Social Media WILL be good for your business

The internet has revolutionised that way we communicate today – but it is nice to know that the fundamentals of communication remain the same. We still use eye contact when we speak and exclamation marks when we write, regardless of whether we are speaking to someone face-to-face or on Skype, in a hand-written memo or a Facebook post.

The same is true for marketing. The fundamentals of marketing have not changed, but the tools we use have been updated. This makes the prospect of developing a digital strategy less daunting for companies who haven’t yet made the leap.

You have all the ingredients; you just need to tweak your old recipe!

New marketing platforms like – social media, banner advertising, newsletters, blogs and apps should be considered using the same principles of traditional marketing platforms: brand development, websites, PR, tradeshows, networking and advertising.

A fundamental marketing principle is how to target your audience. This example clearly shows the crossover between traditional and modern marketing and how one lends itself to the other.

Your dublin-based company sells expensive antique furniture. Your audience consists of homeowners who have a lot of disposable income.

Pre-internet, if you wanted to advertise in a newspaper, it would have been the Irish Times. They have a higher percentage of Dublin readers than any other newspaper, their readership is primarily middle-class and they have a strong property focus.

Today the brief would still be the same, but the media may be different. Instead you might  publish  an article: 7 ways to maintain antiques. It would be geo-targeted at Dublin and published online during peak commute times as that when you are most likely to reach your target audience.

Using the above example, we can deduce that our marketing principles remain the same, we just need to tap into them through a variety of new media.

You still need to offer value, you still need to segment your market, measure it and identify profits. Once this is done, you then communicate with profit.

This brings us back to one of the most important points in relation social media and business: you need to stop looking at the internet and social media as just a personal channel of communication. View it through the lens of a business. Then you will be able to identify the benefits it may have for your company and use it to grow your business.

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