January 4, 2018

See how we increased sales 20x in November

See how we increased sales 20x in November

  • Conducted a one day workshop and strategy planning which led to a 2x increase in sales in two weeks
  • Increased sales by 20x in November through increased advertising and promotions




This is an instance where we worked with an Irish company and these are only Irish sales, so these haven’t even yet gone into the UK market, or the US market which is what we will be doing with them in 2018.

For this company we did a one day workshop and from that one day workshop, we did that in week 35 and their sales at that time were in a thousand euros per week. They would hover around anywhere between a $1,000 and $1,200. So, as you can see, it’s fairly steady sales in those few weeks in September.

So, we put a strategy in place for them to reach more customers in Ireland and show them how to make sure that they could do that maintaining a strong return in investment. So, they did invest some money in advertising and promotions that was part of that strategy and here’s what happened.

Two weeks later, they’ve doubled their sales and they’ve maintained that level of sales then for the rest of October. But then, as we went to kind of crank up that strategy, you can see what happened into the first week of November here where they actually did 20x the sales in November than they had been doing in September.