February 6, 2018

See how we helped a scaling business build an inbound strategy to engage their target audience and generate quality enquiries

See how we helped a scaling business build an inbound strategy to engage their target audience and generate quality enquiries

Define their Persona profiles / identify key content / speak directly to their pain points

3 x Increase in website traffic

100% Increase in leads


Prior to working with Ingenuity, the Qpercom team struggled with their marketing efforts for a number of reasons; lack of in-house skills, a lack of clarity on the benefits their product range offered to clients, and also they needed a clearer understanding of who the Decision Makers were within medical schools.

In a complex sales cycle like this one, the ideal situation is to engage with customers earlier in the buyer journey and become the brand that shapes and defines a customer’s picture of the solution they need. That means building a relationship with them over time.

How could Qpercom make their marketing more streamlined and effective?

Qpercom started life in the College of Medicine at NUI Galway in 2008, and since then has grown to become a global leader in providing bespoke real-time assessment solutions to universities around the world. Their flagship product the web-application OSCE management information system Observe, caters for clinical assessments, psychometric analysis, Excel output and in-depth analysis.

Ingenuity started working with Qpercom in January 2017 to build a marketing function which effectively began with drawing up a job description for a new recruit who would take ownership of their B2B marketing strategy. They would be responsible for creating content and managing inbound marketing.

We then conducted detailed industry and customer research which included interviewing existing and potential customers to create Buyer Persona profiles.  By building a complete picture of the Qpercom buyers journey and fully understanding their Personas and their marketing triggers*, we were able to define the key topics for Qpercom’s content creation – and this formed the basis of their inbound marketing strategy.

We then developed a bespoke Inbound Marketing Blueprint which is a detailed step-by-step strategy to help Qpercom to use HubSpot to build a lead generation engine that is cost-effective and measurable and will deliver a strong return on their investment.

Generate Leads Then Nurture Them

Qpercom use Calls-To-Action and Landing pages to quickly capture a potential lead’s contact details and grow their leads database.  Scheduling their content on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn helps them to improve their reach and grow their online following.

*A marketing trigger is an event/set of events which cause potential customers to search online for a solution to a specific problem they have encountered and this identified the key content topics which would.