January 4, 2018

See how we generated $15,000 in sales in 7 hours

See how we generated $15,000 in sales in 7 hours

  • Met $7,000 sales quota in 7 hours
  • Made $40,000 in extra sales in the same 4-day campaign
  • Increased repeat customer rate to 60.5%
  • Increased conversion rate to 8.37%




This is an example of a company that came to us on the last day of the month where they’d fallen $7,000 behind on their targets for their month. We knew this company had a pretty good mailing list of past customers.

We only had 7 hours to do the job. So, we put together a series of emails which we sent out over four days. And in the seven hours we pulled up the 7,000 that they needed and we brought in 15,000 dollars extra in those 7 hours for them. Now, the beauty of this though is that we kept sending out those emails through the first and second and third of November.

In total, that series of emails that, that sale that we ran brought in 42,000 dollars worth of business. This still maintained their net profit margin right throughout that, because there was no advertisement cost in this. This was purely an email sequence. So, it was going to existing customers.

That’s why you’ll see the repeat customer rate there is 60.5 percent and if you look at the conversion rate it’s at 8.37 percent and the average order value is 25 dollars. So, this was a particularly successful email campaign.