January 4, 2018

See how we brought a UK company to the US market

See how we brought a UK company to the US market

  • Brought a UK company to the US market with fast turnaround
  • Multiplied their US sales to 8 times their UK sales
  • Increased US sales from $0 to $109,000 in 11 months
  • Increased average cart value from $18.89 to $32



Here’s some work we did with a UK company and their US website. We’ve launched this site with them back in January and they had zero traction in the US. We started early February and sales gone from zero just from where we started there, and gradually increasing then through April.

By October, we got them to 40,000 dollars per month by the time. And that has continued that time with the years. Their average cart in August and all the time had been at $18.89 or below 20 dollars all the time and we decided to look at this, and see if there was a way we could increase the average cart value without decreasing the conversion rate.

So, when we started to implement the plan on the twentieth of August, you can see a very sharp increase in the average cart value from $18.89 up to $32 dollars in that very short period of time. So, the increase started in there around the 20th of August and it’s gone up and data has maintained that $32 level value right up until today.

We managed to increase the sales volume mainly in a long-term basis. In this case we used a lot of Facebook ads. We used adwords, we increased the conversion rate, we added new products, we did some product launches and various different things like that to keep these numbers going up and over here, and increase in sales while maintaining profit.

Sales went up from $26,000-27,000 a month in April and May, up into June where we hit over the $50,000. So we’re up about $55,000 in July in then up to $108,000-109,000. So, that’s the kind of work we do with clients on a regular basis.