How do you know when is the right time to boost your online marketing spend?

So, you’re sticking to your marketing plan and driving for business growth, yet you’re not seeing any results. You’ve tried some online marketing, but you just don’t see any real growth. Does this sound familiar?

While digital marketing is generally a cost-effective way to boost your online sales, sometimes it needs a small financial boost to start seeing real results.

If your current budget for online marketing is zero, then this could be the problem. Don’t expect to see real results with a zero ad budget. Even as little as €10 a day can make a big difference to getting your message to your target audience.

Facebook is by far the most cost-effective way to run online campaigns. You can monitor, adjust and improve your Facebook advertising using it’s analytics . Many people do not have the time to understand and use Facebook to their best advantage.

Learn how to grow your online sales with Facebook advertising

Sometimes you need a little help and guidance, and that’s where agencies like Ingenuity come in.

How do you know when it’s time to increase your online marketing spend?

If you’re spending very little, chances are your message won’t make it as far as your target audience, and you won’t see any results.

Optimization is important too. No business has the perfect online marketing strategy or plan. There are always new markets and customers to target. So don’t forget your keywords, SEO and AdWords.

You should always analyse previous campaigns and keep up to speed on industry trends when trying to budget and plan for your online marketing. See what your competitors are spending their money on and follow suit. Look back on previous campaigns which may or may not have worked for you and see if there was enough budget allocated to them, or if an extra investment could have led to different results.

Online marketing has become more and more important for generating online sales. Do not let your business fall behind by failing to realise when it is time to boost your online marketing spend. We are not talking about blowing your budget, but clever small tactical changes which could result in this being the most successful year yet for your business.

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