January 19, 2018

How we helped a client grow, manage and nurture their database to convert leads to quality potential customers

Enterprise Ireland UK knew that their contact database was their main asset, but they lacked the marketing tools and expertise to help them to engage, interact with and nurture all of these contacts.

As a HubSpot partner, we felt this platform would be ideal to generate leads in the UK Human Capital Solutions sector and communicate with them in a smart manner.

Timescales were short on this project so we ran 2 primary campaigns simultaneously, using research-backed quality content to attract potential contacts to (1) download an eBook; or (2) to register for a HR Tech event organized by Enterprise Ireland UK in London.

Ingenuity developed an Inbound Blueprint which outlined an inbound marketing strategy to

  1. Develop Buyer Personas
  2. Identify their Marketing Triggers
  3. Create Content based on these triggers and which would provide insights into problems that they face in their day-to-day work
  4. Create Campaign Processes to publish and promote this content using the Enterprise Ireland UK blog, social media channels and some paid promotion on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Inbound Marketing campaigns ran for 4 weeks and generated a total of 168 new contact details during the campaign period.


Over the 4 week Inbound Campaign activity, 63 new contact details were collected through ebook downloads. This was an excellent conversion rate of 28.08%. In other words, of the 260 website visitors who responded to the ebook Call-To-Action, 63 of them left their contact details in return for the ebook. Another 105 potential customers signed up to attend the industry event.

In total, our month of campaign activity grew the Enterprise Ireland UK database by 168 new contacts who could then be nurtured through email activity into potential clients.

Using HubSpot, we were able to monitor all the campaign activity including the source of every visitor, how they travelled through the funnel and captured important information which meant we were able to deliver to Enterprise Ireland, not only email addresses, but really valuable information such as job title, company information, and interest areas. We were also able to clearly identify which campaign elements generated the most traffic which meant that the marketing spend could be focused on the most effective areas – this meant that we were able to help maximize the overall ROI.