The Definitive Guide to B2B Marketing Planning

The tactics required for successful B2B marketing are rapidly changing. Content marketing is increasingly important to attract the online audience, generate quality leads and fully support the sales cycle.

In many businesses, content marketing has displaced traditional SEO in both importance and marketing spend. It now sits alongside social media and PR to form the main marketing tools for B2B firms today.

The B2B buyer has taken control of their purchasing process and now looks to find solutions, choose vendors and self-educate before engaging with sales. This means that your B2B marketing plan must cater to these dynamics by building online brand awareness and placing quality content online.

A lead generation strategy that leverages content marketing and social media is the most effective to give prospective customers the information they want.

The steps you need to follow to create a B2B marketing plan are:

  • Set measurable marketing objectives in line with your business objectives.  A good test for your objectives is to use the SMART test:

             Specific / Measurable / Actionable / Relevant / Time-bound

  • Create meaningful quality content about your business and products. The content should be customer-focused and solution solving. This table helps you to decide the type of content your customers will need at different times in the sales process.
How to create content for your B2B customers
If the customer is asking:What is my problem?How do I fix my problem?Are you right for me?
They want:Education + Thought LeadershipSolutions + Product DetailsYour Credentials + Reassurance
What content to create and give them·    Market trends

·    Analysis

·    ‘How To’ guides

·    General case studies

·    What is the solution and how does it work?

·    Product comparisons

·    How to choose a supplier

·    Prices

·    Your case studies

·    Why you should work with us

·    How to buy

  • Profile your ideal customers:

Sales profiles and buyer personas are tools you should use to profile your customer segments to ensure your content is relevant and effective. The key in creating the right personas is to identify customer goals and challenges. Download the Ingenuity persona template here.

  • Outline the marketing activities that will be used to achieve your objectives.

You should create a sales funnel that will feed the right content to your leads at every stage of the sales process and help you to direct them to a sale. This process should consider these steps:

Generate Awareness

Acquire New Leads

Nurture Lead Activity and Engagement

Qualify Sales Readiness

  • Create your content schedule and assign tasks to your team

This will help you to address what will be done, who will do it, when it will be completed by and how much it will cost. One of the advantages of content marketing and using lead generation software is that you can create the content and schedule your activity in advance leaving you more time to focus on converting the leads that will start coming in through your website.

  • Monitor and measure.

Your marketing plan is a live document and ideally should be monitored and managed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to ensure that it is working and delivering the Return on Investment that you have made.

At Ingenuity, we are aware of the challenge our clients face to fill their sales funnel with quality, low cost leads. We work closely with a client to develop and implement a strong marketing process to run smoothly and maximize your ROI.

Our account managers continually keep you updated on how you’re doing and how best to move forward to make sure we get a process that works well for you.

If you would like to see how Ingenuity could be of benefit to your company click below to contact one of our consultants.