February 7, 2018

Chamber of Commerce

In January, we worked with a company and took their sales from 0 to $106,770 which is around $40,000 a month. This was all done by Facebook Ads. Absolutely nothing else. There was no organic traffic, no adwords, nothing like that.

Another company we worked with is a Galway company which was making 2,000 of sales weekly. What we did was we sat down with them for one day and we looked at what they were doing for Facebook Ads, and we did a workshop with them. The following week after the workshop, they doubled their sales just by doing what we suggested. They kept that level of sales throughout the month, and the next month during the reinvestment period, and we increased their sales by 20 times all by investment of Facebook Ads.

Another strategy we did with one of our clients in the month of July to the end of August, we did an automated email campaign at the backend of their website, and generated $8,500 in revenue in 360 orders. We sent out some very basic emails like Cart Abandon emails, like when somebody walks up to you in the street when you forget to buy the pants you saw in a store. Other emails we send out are Browse Abandon emails, Campaigns Content emails, Campaigns Sales, and others.